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The Milton Hall ENT Institute in Georgia is staffed by fully licensed audiologists committed to providing its patients with the highest quality of service. The medical experts at ENT are extensively trained in both pediatric and adult care.


The following services are currently available to all of ENT Institute’s audiology patients:


  • Testing for hearing loss
  • Hearing aid evaluations and dispensing
  • Earmold selection including personalized plugs for musicians, shooting, and swimming
  • Balance testing using Videonystamography (VNG)
  • Full Pediatric evaluations available for children for all ages
  • Otoacoustic Emission Testing for all ages


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All custom molds are fitted by state licensed audiologists. An exact impression of your ear is taken and sent to the manufacturer with your ordering specifications. Typical turn around time for these custom ear pieces will take 5-7 business days. Custom earpieces can be designed for use with bud/button style stereo headphones such as todays iPods and iPhone usage.


  • custom ear pieces are a great choice for those with hard to fit ears and can offer a superior seal for particular anatomies.
  • are made to order and offer virtually unlimited customization options
  • 5-7 day turn around time
  • Ear Molds come in a wide range of color options


If you are interested in custom in-ear monitors and would like to schedule a consultation with an audiologist at your nearest ENT Institute location, please contact us today.


The ENT Institute Promotes Tinnitus Awareness Week with ATA
May 3, 2012

Take A Tour

Take a vitrual tour of ENT’s Audiology Center.


To use the tool, click and hold down the left mouse button. You may move the mouse in any direction to explore the Audiology Center. (If prompted, click “Yes” to enable the Active X control necessary to run the tour.)


ENT Audiology Center Virtual Tour

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How to Select a Hearing Aid Provider

  1. Is there a licensed, certified and experienced audiologist specializing in hearing aids on staff?
  2. Does this professional work with a team of medical professionals specializing in hearing and ear pathologies to treat and evaluate your precise ear and/or hearing condition?
  3. Can the audiologist effectively communicate with you and your family members about various hearing aid choices, fittings, features and options of hearing aids that are appropriate for your hearing loss?
  4. In providing you with this information about hearing aids or assistive listening devices, has the professional spoke to you and your family about the impact of hearing loss on your lifestyle, hobbies, and home life?
  5. Does the audiologist offer a range of hearing aid choices for your type of loss?
  6. Will assistance and training regarding how to wear and care for your hearing aids, as well as how to adjust to wearing them be included in the price of your new hearing instruments?
  7. Does the Audiology offer trial periods, warranties, as well as loss and damage protection?
  8. Will the Audiologist provide follow-up care and reprogramming following your initial hearing aid fitting, for the life of your warranty at no charge?
  9. Is there an audiologist available at each location to provide emergency care, or service of your hearing aids if needed?
  10. Will you be provided with options should a return or repair be required?


If you have answered “Yes” to all of these questions, you can rest assured that you have taken the right steps in finding the right hearing professional for your needs.


Call one of our highly trained, state licensed and professional staff of audiologists to help you determine what is right for you, and have them answer any of your questions.


We hope you will call us for an appointment and visit one of our ENT Institute offices in a area near you. 770-740-1860.


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