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Surgical Center

Milton Hall Surgical Center, part of the ENT Institute in Georgia, opened in April 1997 as a medical complex dedicated to providing excellence in care to patients of all ages. From its inception, the surgical center was planned to house multiple medical disciplines and professionals who would collaborate to care for patients with diseases related to the ear, nose, throat and facial plastic surgery.


Today, the Milton Hall Surgery Center holds the highest accreditations with state and federal licenses and an AAAHC accreditation.


Located in Atlanta, The Milton Hall Surgery Center is staffed by four board and double board certified otolaryngologists as well as a team of board certified anesthesiologists. Our support staff is comprised of registered nurses with multiple years of experience in the surgical field.


Take A Tour

Take a tour of the state of the art Surgical Center facilties. Our surgical center is staffed by only the most qualified and expert medical professionals in the Atlanta area.


To use the tool, click and hold down the left mouse button. You may move the mouse in any direction to explore the Surgical Center. (If prompted, click “Yes” to enable the Active X control necessary to run the tour.)


ENT Surgical Center Virtual Tour

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