3 Ways Allergy Medications Aren’t Working

The nasal sprays dry out your nose. Claritin isn’t kicking in. Despite your effort there’s little to no relief. This isn’t always the case, but it’s possible that your allergy medications aren’t working. You need a more permanent solution. With this blog, you’ll learn 3 ways allergy meds aren’t working. “What’s the solution? Why are you stalling?!” Sorry. Let’s get started. 

3 Ways Allergy Medications Aren’t Working

#1. Poor Diagnosis: 

According to WebMD, a lot of patients attempt to self-diagnose. The noble effort to avoid the doctor just leads to further problems. A suspected allergy could be a sinus infection or vice versa. Go to the doctor and receive a proper diagnosis so you can get the right treatment. Dizziness symptoms

#2. Temporary Solutions:

You’ve tried everything. Allergy meds. Nasal sprays. Avoidance. But your symptoms never cease. It might be time to consider an allergy test and allergy immunotherapy. What does that entail? Well, it’s easy. An allergy test will let you know exactly what you’re allergic to, then immunotherapy will use those allergens to beef up your immune system. 

#3. Avoiding Avoidance:

pet dander You may be taking allergy medications the right way, the right time, and with proper diagnosis. So why are you still sick all the time? You’re not properly using avoidance. Allergic to pollen but still taking your dog to the park during a high pollen count? Allergic to pet dander but own like 50 cats? We get it. Avoidance isn’t easy, but avoiding avoidance isn’t making things better. Just worse. 

Come to the ENT Institute

Those are just 3 ways allergy medications aren’t working. If you’ve tried everything from allergy meds to avoidance without progress, schedule a same-day or Saturday allergy test with the ENT Institute. From there, you can learn about our at-home or in-office allergy immunotherapy options. Call 770-740-1860 to schedule or join our email updates and information group by filling out the form at the top of the page. Watch this allergy test video: