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4 Signs You Need Hearing Aids

“Say what?” Are you tired of asking people to repeat themselves? Feeling as though you’re all alone and not a part of the conversation? These are sure signs that it might be time to get looked at, and not just by anybody, but by an audiologist, a licensed hearing specialist, who can determine if hearing aids are the right course of action. 

Those aren’t the only signs either. See if any of these are familiar: 

Trouble understanding a conversation in a crowded, noisy place

Is it hard to understand a conversation in a public space? Were you able to understand conversations in loud places before? When you are at a restaurant, do you have trouble hearing what’s being said?  

Difficulty hearing on the phone

Losing hearing can be frustrating, especially if you’re trying to talk on the phone with a loved one, a friend, or a colleague. Maybe you were able to have conversations with your kids or grandkids without asking them to repeat themselves, but now it’s frequent. 

Someone notices that you listen to music or watch TV too loudly

Watching the game or sitting down to binge a TV series used to be your favorite activity, but now it’s becoming frustrating, to you and others because you have to blast the volume as high as it’ll go. 

Tinnitus – a constant click, ring, roar, or sound that never goes away

One of the more serious factors is tinnitus, which is a constant sound only apparent to the person affected. This can be an extremely debilitating condition that keeps people from sleep, work, and enjoying day-to-day life. In some cases, people have taken their lives due to consistent torture. Although for many with tinnitus it might seem hopeless, it’s truly not. There are remedies that can push the sounds to the background. 

With the notion of hearing aids, there’s usually hesitation. People aren’t sure that they want devices in their ears for the rest of their lives, and rightfully so. It can be a scary thought. But there’s good news; hearing aids are no longer big and noticeable, with new technologies, hearing aids have grown smaller and better equipped for your hearing needs.  

Are people around you noticing things that you may not? If there’s a reason to believe there’s even a slight amount of hearing loss, it’s important to get looked at immediately. Hearing loss only gets worse over time and can lead to other health and mental health issues, such as depression and feelings of isolation. At the Ear, Nose and Throat Institute, we are eager to help all of those in need with any ear needs you may have from hearing aids to tinnitus. Let our family take care of yours!

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