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DIY At-Home Allergy Treatments

Although the title suggests that treatment of allergies can be done at home, this blog is specifically just for treating and taking care of symptoms rather than the larger issue. Going to see a doctor or an ENT specialist for allergies is the best way to take care of them all-in-all. But for those that might have an appointment scheduled, but can’t wait to see a doctor to get some relief while they go to work or school, here are the DIY at-home allergy treatments you can today: 


For those that have allergies to pollen and ragweed (fall pollen), it’s best to keep a steady regiment of cleaning clothes, bedsheets and pillow cases, as well as taking consistent showers. If you’re coming in from being outside for an extended period of time, it’s beneficial to remove those outer clothes and wash them right away since they might have pollen on them. 

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Sinus Rinse

At many stores you can find something called Neti pot, a nasal irrigation system that flushes the sinuses with water and saline. It doesn’t treat allergies itself, but the clogged sinuses, which can bring a great amount of relief. 



Although it’s true that Vitamin-C has a lot of beneficial properties to it, one of the main reasons to take a daily dose is it helps our immune systems. That means it’s helpful against allergies as well. 


Stay Indoors

Even if it’s really nice outside, if the pollen count is high up there, it’s best to stay inside and keep the windows shut. As disappointing as that might seem, it’ll alleviate allergy symptoms for the short-term. While inside, you can also install and HEPA filter into your air-conditioning system which keeps things like pollen and dust out. 



Staying hydrated is a great way to stop post-nasal drip. Hot teas and soup is a great way to clear those sinuses as well. If tea and soup isn’t your fancy (doubtful, but still), then try standing over boiling water to let the steam in. 


Once again, these DIY at-home allergy treatments are just temporary solutions to the symptoms and not the allergies themselves. Going to a doctor or ENT specialist is the best way to solve the issue at-hand and gain greater relief. 

To schedule an allergy test with the Ear, Nose and Throat Institute, call 770-740-1860.


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