6 Ways to Manage Your Tinnitus

Studies have shown that tinnitus, or ringing in the ears affects over 35 million Americans. Many are frustrated because they have been told by medical providers that there is nothing that can be done to alleviate the ringing. While we don’t have a cure yet for tinnitus, there are several verified steps one can take to manage your tinnitus. Without further ado, here’s 6 ways to manage your tinnitus.

ReSound Relief App

This is a free app that you can download right now to your smartphone. It’s a simple app that gives you sound options that will help you sleep, relax, and even focus. There’s also tinnitus sound therapy which helps mask the ringing with sound sources such as birds chirping, white noise, ocean waves, and many other options according to each individual patient’s preference. 


Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

One of the most common triggers for tinnitus is stress. Doing easy breathing exercises to relax will help with that, as well as taking command of negative thoughts such as, “my tinnitus kept me up all night, I’ll never sleep”, or, “my life will never get better again”. Reaching out to a healthcare professional will make this one more effective. 

Avoid Triggers

For some people it’s caffeine. For others it’s nicotine or alcohol. It could even be loud noises like a concert or being on a shooting range. Keep a detailed log documenting when your symptoms get worse. For example where you were, the environment around you, was it following food or drink, did you take medications, or switch up your normal medications, are just a few examples of information you would want to take note of in your log. 

tinnitus triggers

Hearing Aids

Tinnitus is frequently associated with hearing loss. Hearing aids can be a great way to treat both hearing loss and tinnitus. Very often, treating hearing loss can eliminate or reduce tinnitus by wearing properly programmed hearing aids. With hearing aids, tinnitus can be reduced or masked by bringing in more speech and environmental sounds that may not have been heard at certain levels due to the degree of hearing loss. Additionally, many hearing aids have the ability to add a tinnitus program which can stream sound therapy to the patient through the hearing aids.

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Not only is exercise good for our bodies, but it’s a good way to reduce stress which we know can increase or bring on tinnitus.


Tinnitus Support Groups

Discussing and sharing ideas for managing tinnitus can be helpful for some. Hearing what others have to say and learning what techniques have worked for them can also be beneficial. 

The Ear, Nose and Throat Institute has a tinnitus support group on Facebook. We update it regularly with relevant information, testimonials, and tips that may be helpful to you.

You’re not alone in this fight nor should you feel like there’s nothing that can be done. The providers at the ENT Institute are here to help you manage your tinnitus. If you have any questions or wish to set up an appointment, give us a call at 770-740-1860 or visit the website.

Edited by Dr. Goforth and Dr. Pack


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