7 Natural Sore Throat Remedies

We all deal with a sore or scratchy throat every now and then, and a sore throat can be caused by many different things. Whether it be straining your voice, a virus or cold, smoking, or dry air… we just want to make the pain go away. So, we put together a list of natural sore throat remedies to help alleviate the pain.

Below are the 7 natural sore throat remedies: 

1. Licorice Root

There are many different benefits from licorice roots.  It can boost the immune system, relieve pain and stress, and lastly, it can help heal a sore throat.  Licorice root can also help fight viruses that can potentially cause respiratory illnesses. It can also be found in some ‘real ‘ licorice candies.

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2. Slippery Elm

Slippery Elm is one of the species of the elm tree that has been used in North America for hundreds of years as an herbal remedy.  Slippery Elm can be used to help with sore throats as it can be taken as tablets, capsules, and lozenges. (The inner bark is the medicinal part… If you are really feeling like a mountain-person)  These remedies contain a substance from the tree called mucilage, which is what coats the throat and produces a soothing effect.

3. Honey

Although it is known for being sweet and yummy treat, honey can also be used to cure the common cold and a sore throat.  A useful recipe to help with cold symptoms, including a sore throat is the mixture of honey and lemon juice.

sore throat remedy

4. Saltwater

Gargling with warm saltwater is an effective way to relieve some of the pain that comes along with a sore throat.  This remedy helps to kill the bacteria in the throat that could be causing the irritation.  Once gargling with the salt mixture, the swelling and discomfort of the throat should decrease.

5. Marshmallow

Marshmallows are not just the delicious treats that you roast at a campfire, but they are also a type of herb.  Marshmallow is mainly used to help with dry coughs and sore throats.  This plant has a soothing effect on inflamed or irritated area, specifically the throat to stop the pain from worsening.  Marshmallow can be found in forms of capsules as well as in teas.

6. Echinacea

Echinacea is a type of herb that is said to be the closest cure to the common cold.  This herb creates simulation among the cells that are responsible for fighting against infection in the body.  Echinacea has an extremely safe history record and therefore, it is perfect for sore throats.  Echinacea is available to purchase in the form of different mouthwashes and sprays.

7. Peppermint

Peppermint, one of the more common sore throat remedies, has a large variety of uses in the medical field because of its abilities to improve one’s health, but also because of its appealing flavoring and fragrance.  It has been used for many years because of its benefits to treat the common cold, calm inflammations, and help with other minor illnesses.  It is recommended to use sprays containing peppermint oil in order to relieve sore throats.

Sore throat remedy

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