AIGTD From Q-Tips

It’s a satisfying feeling when you finally rid your ears of that unwanted wax. Q-Tip’s are a common household item being used to clear and clean earwax from your ears. However, if you’re using a Q-tip to do the cleaning, there are more risks than you might realize. Earwax can prevent dirt, dust, and other small items from entering the ear, and efforts to remove it can result in cuts to the ear canal, a wax buildup to the point where it can be difficult to hear or even cause damage your eardrum. There’s also the possibility of water getting trapped behind the wax buildup, which can cause pain and further damage to your hearing. In this episode of Am I Going To Die, Dr. Sheila Pack and Melissa Moritz take a look at the common myths associated with the use of Q-Tips and serious issues associated.

What you will learn in this episode:

  1. Is it a Q-Tip or cotton swab?
  2. Should earwax be removed?
  3. Can you self-injure your ear canal?
  4. What can you use?
  5. How can you protect your ears?
  6. And SO MUCH MORE!

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