Dr. Alexis Goldberg: Tune in to avoid tuning out

Written by Dr. Alexis Goldberg, Au.D.

The more birthdays that we encounter, our body gradually deteriorates. It is this unavoidable thing called life, believe it or not. No matter who you are, no matter where you are from, and no matter what you may have, we are all headed down the same path. Rather than focusing on any doom and gloom we often associate with the inevitable, let us focus on living today. Are you embracing each morning you meet or do you feel like you are surviving through each and every day? Time is precious and you have the control to give yourself the best.

Your quality of life is our primary concern as it should be to you. Health, proactivity, and decision making are the keys to enjoying and living your life. Why survive when you can choose to live out your life the way you deserve? Whether you have had eye exams, dental care, or hearing tests, each of these are an opportunity to better yourself, better your loved ones, and better your overall happiness.

"You are the only thing that could be getting in your way."

So you have a choice to give yourself what you deserve. You are the only thing that could be getting in your own way. Let us discuss hearing devices and the importance of treating hearing loss sooner rather than later. Our ears are placed anatomically to collect sound waves. These sound waves are funneled through the auditory system until the brain receives the signal. A healthy auditory system will provide a clear and concise message to the brain to comprehend the signal. When hearing loss is present and it is left untreated, this becomes detrimental to your brain, therefore detrimental to your ability to understand your friends and family. You might be able to hear that they are speaking, but you are not able to distinguish what is truly being communicated.

Imagine a rower who has had no practice in months due to an elbow injury. The rower is expected to participate in a race, but lands in last place because his muscles were not conditioned through exercise and stimulation in order to propel him to the finish line.

Now, imagine sitting in a restaurant for a social gathering. You aren’t wearing hearing devices because you’ve chosen to put treatment off until next year or maybe when you have more time. This listening situation is going to be particularly challenging because the hearing nerve and the brain are weakening as they are not getting the exercise necessary to deliver a clear message to the brain. The more time that goes by that hearing loss is left untreated, the clarity of speech will become increasingly difficult to comprehend. 

The sooner the hearing loss is established and treated, the earlier we can exercise and stimulate your hearing nerve and brain through hearing devices to ensure your auditory system remains healthy. Untreated hearing loss can lead to damage that is irreversible. Once the nerve begins to atrophy, this cannot be repaired, only stabilized. 

Make the right choice and tune in to treating your hearing loss. By prolonging treatment, your quality of life will begin to tumble. Tuning out is all too often what occurs because you can no longer understand, you are embarrassed to ask for repetition, it is easier to stay at home and isolate rather than exhaust yourself trying to understand what is being said. Avoid this lifestyle and tune in to better hearing, a positive quality of life, and avoiding a world of misunderstanding, guessing, and isolation.

Make the choice today.

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