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6 Remedies for Ear Infections

Whether it’s happening to us or our kids, when an ear infection happens, everything stops. The pain is excruciating and keeps us from functioning properly or keeps our kids from focusing at school. The best thing you can do is seek a medical professional who can prescribe the right medication and even clean out the ears. Here at the Ear, Nose and Throat Institute, our providers are highly skilled and beyond passionate about patient care. But in the interim between setting an appointment and getting proper treatment there are things you can do to alleviate the pain and suffering. Also, be aware that ear infections don’t last forever. 

The following is 6 remedies for ear infections. 

Pain medications

make sure to consult your doctor before taking certain medications, but generally basic pain medications are the best route for quick relief. 

Right sleep positions

according to WedMD, sleeping in the upright position, “could ease pressure and pain in your middle ear” (Ambardekar, 2019). It also helps drain fluid from the ear. 


 You can try either a warm or a cool compress depending on which one brings you or your child the most relief. Just place the compress (damp washcloth or heating pad) over the bad ear. 

Hydrogen peroxide

According to Healthline, hydrogen peroxide, “has been used as a natural remedy for earaches for many years” (Goldman, 2019). Place a few drops in the ear, let it sit, then clean it out over a sink. 


Not only is garlic good for fighting vampires, but it’s great for staving off the ear infections too. This ingredient is so powerful, it can prevent and lessen the effects of an infection, as stated by Medical News Today (Villines, 2017). 

Come see us

Going back to what was said before, coming in to see a medical professional is your best bet for fast, effective treatment. Going to your primary care physician or even an urgent care could take a while to get an appointment scheduled, so why not come to the ENT Institute? We have same-day availability! 

The ENT Institute cares about you and your family, so let us take care of you. To schedule a same-day or Saturday appointment, call 770-740-1860 or fill out the form at the top of the page. 


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