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3 Reasons for Ear Pain

We’ve all experienced it for one reason or another, but no matter the cause, ear pain ain’t fun. It hurts (obviously), but it’s also disorienting since it’s usually only on one side. Ear pain, or an earache, also comes with other symptoms like fever and temporary hearing loss. If you’re an adult, more than likely you won’t experience many earaches since they’re more common in children, but it’s still possible. 

Ear aches are also just a nuisance, distracting us from getting things done (but that really goes for any pain or ailment, so my point is invalid). 

Before we get into the reasons for ear pain, we’ll look at the symptoms that accompany them. 

Ear pain symptoms (Children and adults): 

  1. Ear pain (duh)
  2. Fluid drainage from the ear
  3. Fever (mostly children)
  4. Temporary hearing loss
  5. Headache
  6. Loss of balance

3 Reasons for Ear Pain

Of course, there are more than 3 reasons for ear pain, but these are the most common that you’ll find. We also wanted to cover the things that we can treat at the Ear, Nose & Throat Institute so you have a treatment option. 


This one shouldn’t be surprising since allergies cause a vast swath of symptoms that might affect one person, but not another. Healthline states, “While earaches are far from being the most common symptom of seasonal allergies, the membrane lining of the eustachian tube can react to an allergen such as pollen by becoming inflamed. This inflammation can lead to an imbalance in pressure in the ear with fluid buildup, which can cause a feeling of a blocked ear or an earache” (Frothingham, 2019). 

If you struggle with allergies, it’s time to take action. Living in Georgia means it’s always allergy season, so why wait for treatment? Watch the videos below to learn more about how we diagnose and treat allergies at the ENT Institute. 

Sinus infections

The ears can be affected by a sinus infection due to pressure, and we all know what sinus pressure feels like (if you don’t, you’re lucky). This type of ear pain might take the form of pressure in the ears rather than a sharp or dull pain. 

Ear pain isn’t the worst thing about a sinus infection. If you’re more susceptible to sinus infections after an allergic response or a viral infection, it’s time to take action. Breathe free and live without the headache. Watch the videos below to learn more about sinus infection treatment. 

Ear Infections

The previous causes are more common in adults, but ear infections happen more frequently in children. Unfortunately, many children eventually have to get tubes because of this. But ear infections are easily treatable, including at the Ear, Nose & Throat Institute. 

Finding Ear Pain Relief

Finding ear pain relief can be as easy as using a home remedy, but sometimes it could require more than that. In the case that it’s something simple, here are the home remedies: 

  1. Over-the-counter pain relievers 
  2. Over-the-counter ear drops
  3. Chew gum for ear pressure
  4. Sit up
  5. Cold cloth or ice pack on the outside of the ear for 20 minutes

As said before, ear pain in children might require something more long-term, such as tubes, which is a service the ENT Institute has. 

Same-day ear pain treatment in Atlanta

Not only are we treating ear pain, but we’re treating allergies and sinus infections, which could be the cause of the ear pain in the first place. 

To schedule a same-day or Saturday appointment, call or click the button below.


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3 Reasons for Ear Pain

We’ve all experienced it for one reason or another, but no matter the cause, ear pain ain’t fun. It hurts (obviously), but it’s also disorienting

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