Ear Plugs are Dangerous

There are a variety of reasons to use ear plugs. Some use them to protect their ears from loud concerts, some use them to tune out their partners snoring, and some even use them so they do not have to listen to what people have to say. Whatever the reason may be, they are dangerous to the well being of your ears and the quality of your hearing. There are three main ear plugs that people use: wax plugs, foam plugs, and cotton plugs. Each one provides a different risk to the well being of your ear. Wax plugs, when lodged deep in ones ear, can melt and be extremely difficult to take out. The wax melts due to body temperature. Anything that is lodged in one’s ear increases the likeness of infection and hearing loss. The problem with the foam plugs comes from being lodged too deep in ones ears. When lodged too deep, they can touch a person’s ear drum and cause permanent hearing loss. So if you are using using foam ear plugs, make sure that you don’t put them too far in your ears. Cotton is especially dangerous to put in your ears because they can perforate the ear drum causing permanent hearing damage. The fibers can also get stuck in your ear and can be a risk for infection. In conclusion, it is a good idea to stay away from ear plugs but if you are going to use one, use foam. Make sure to not stick the foam plug too deep in your ear.

Here is picture of an ear plug taken out at one of our offices:




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