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Endoscopy by Dr. G

An endoscopy procedure, whether for the nose, throat or vocal area, is essential in any ear, nose and throat exam to evaluated any abnormality. It is clinically indicated that this be performed because of your medical condition and the fact that your Ear, Nose and Throat doctor is the final authority on any disorders in this field of medicine. More often than not, abnormal findings from endoscopy are the reason why you were presented for evaluation to our practice. These endoscopes have resulted in discovering cancers, lymphoma, scar tissue and other finding for which you have come to us. This procedure is often categorized as a surgical procedure by insurance companies that happens to be performed in the office setting. The patient should be confident that the reason for performing nasal endoscopy after an initial an valuation is to assess progress of the disorder and evaluation of post operative progression from surgery. In many cases, such as hoarseness, multiple endoscopies must be performed to document improvement or worsening of the condition. Our practice performs the low-cost provider of these procedures compared to any other ear nose and throat practice. We are the low-cost provider of all ENT services bar none.

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