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The ENT Institute Survival Guide

This is it; the magnum opus of the ENT Institute’s specialties and treatment options for all of your ear, nose and throat needs. The purpose of the ENT Institute Survival Guide is to bring awareness, give helpful hints, and give you a window into the world of the Ear, Nose and Throat Institute. With the new year and new decade, we want to give you the tools necessary to accomplish the most important resolution: treating your health better than you have before. Deal with year-round or seasonal allergies? Sinus infections? Hearing loss? Lack of sleep

No more! 

With the ENT Institute Survival Guideyou’ll be ready for the health challenges that may come. First, let’s go over what we actually do here. Check out this totally awesome cool list I made: 

Treatments at ENT

  • Treatment for hearing loss and tinnitus using hearing aids and other management tools 
  • Sleep disorder treatment with at-home and in-office sleep studies as well as CPAP machines and the new Inspire device 
  • Chronic sinusitis treatment using balloon sinuplasty or sinus surgeries

But wait, THERE’S MORE! 


And, in case you didn’t open this blog to read, here are some videos detailing all of that in a more interesting way: 


Now that we’re past the introductory phase, let us commence with the next phase: hints & tips. We’ll start with prevention, then slowly move down 100 pages to the end of the blog. Still with me? Great! 

Preventing Ear, Nose and Throat Issues


  • Wear hearing protection to avoid damage to the eardrum. In many cases, loud sound without proper hearing protection can lead to long-term hearing loss and even tinnitus. 
  • Take a break from loud sounds; meaning if your workplace is constantly blasting sound waves at you, spend some time at home in the peace and quiet. 
  • Come to us for a hearing screening to see if you have hearing loss. If so, we’ll discuss next steps to promote hearing wellness. 


  • Cut back on the electronics just before bed. Blue light is known to cause sleeplessness if used before hitting the sack. 
  • Cut back on the caffeine. If you’ve tried that, maybe do caffeine earlier in the day so it can get out of your system by night night time. 
  • Create better sleep habits. One way to do this is forcing yourself to stay out of bed until you know you can fall asleep. 

Sinus and allergy 

  • Clean your house regularly to keep out the pollen, dust, and mold. 
  • Use a neti pot on a regular basis to keep the sinuses and nasal passages cleaned out (please don’t use unfiltered water). 
  • Get an allergy test to determine what’s bothering you, then seek out immunotherapy for a long-term solution.
  • If you have pets, stay consistent with giving them baths to keep their coats clean. Or buy a less allergenic animal like a lizard or fish or toad or something. 

Dizziness and concussions

  • Certain foods and drinks can actually cause dizziness, so make sure you’re aware of the foods you’re eating and when you get dizzy. Keep a log. 
  • Allergies can cause dizziness; therefore, treating your allergies will solve that problem. 
  • To help lower the risk of concussions in sports, make sure you or a loved one is wearing proper protective equipment. 

ENT Highlights

It’s like sports highlights, but not sports highlights. Here’s just a series of videos detailing each department. 




Physical Therapy

The ENT Institute Survival Guide is a great way to start out the year on the right foot…or the left foot; whichever is more prominent. If any of these issues are bothering you year-to-year, it’s time to finally make an appointment. Also make sure to keep an eye out for more survival guides related to specific topics as well as a companion monthly show on our social media sites. 

To schedule same-day or Saturday appointments, call 770-740-1860 or fill out the form at the top of the page.

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