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Struggling with ear, nose, and throat issues but not sure if it’s safe to make an appointment? 

When the coronavirus struck, the world had to adapt. Countries had to determine if their borders would close or remain open and take extensive risks. Either way, the world changed. On an even smaller level, businesses adapted based on the imminent pandemic. Many stores, restaurants, and other organizations shut down, while others determined to remain open no matter what. 

Clinics remained open. Despite the virus, people still required medical attention for an assortment of issues. That’s why the Ear, Nose and Throat Institute remained open. The virus arrived when allergy season kicked in. People suffered from hearing loss, acid reflux, sinusitis, and sleep disorders.

There was a significant challenge for the company to remain open to the public. Staying open meant altering the way we operated. It meant keeping the patient, and the employees protected at all times. Because of the guidelines by the CDC and the World Health Organization, the ENT institute was quick to change in response to the crisis.  

How did the ENT Institute adapt to the coronavirus?

It was instantaneous. After the call for businesses and clinics to either close or adapt, the Ear, Nose and Throat Institute took action immediately. We knew that despite the coronavirus pandemic, people still needed treatment for their ear, nose and throat. So, to adapt to the coronavirus, here’s a few implementations that remain in effect:

Proper PPE

To ensure patient safety and comfortability, our staff members wear masks and gloves to prevent spread of COVID-19. We also ask that all patients come to their appointments with their masks on.

Wearing masks prevents the spread of COVID-19 significantly and the more people that wear them, the lower the rate of infections.  

On top of proper protective equipment, providers and physicians wash their hands regularly before and after each appointment. 

Disinfecting the clinics

At the Ear Nose and Throat Institute, we’ve produced and staff tested a chlorine-based solution that we call GuardiENT, our in-house hypochlorous product. Hypochlorous is created with a bit of water, salt, vinegar, and electricity. All of those combined create an all-natural and non-toxic solution that’s actually found in the human body. When our white blood cells fight infections, they release hypochlorous as a defense. 

GuardiENT is essentially the human immune system in a bottle!

Regarding the current coronavirus crisis, the World Health Organization has indicated that all chlorine based disinfectants are appropriate to combat this virus, which is exactly what hypochlorous acid is. This is what we’re using to spray our reception areas and patient rooms. 


How is hypochlorous used?

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Gallon Bottle – $65.95

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Virtual Visits

Can’t make the doctor visits? Don’t want to risk going to the clinic?

The Ear, Nose and Throat Institute is now implementing virtual visits with one of our providers. What does that mean? Can we diagnose and prescribe? Yes, absolutely!

Please note: virtual visits are for initial appointments. For a more in-depth diagnosis and treatment, an office visit may be necessary. Here’s a list of what we can look at in our virtual visits:



Virtual Visit Hours: