Find Your Voice with Pride!

Did you know that Georgia has the 4th highest percentage of transgender adults across the United States? Did you also know that one of the biggest barriers to transgender individuals getting healthcare is lack of access? Lack of access usually stems from a lack of providers who are knowledgeable on the topic of transitioning. At the ENT Institute, we strive to make healthcare accessible and affordable for all individuals and this pride month, we are excited to share more information about our Gender-Affirming Voice and Communication Training! 

What is Gender-Affirming Voice and Communication Training?

Our Voice Center provides voice and communication training for individuals who are going through a gender transition or for people who may be gender non-conforming and want to improve the way they sound because it does not fit their gender identity. 

During this training, the following things are targeted: 

  • pitch – how high or low your voice sounds
  • intonation – the rise and fall of pitch during speaking
  • resonance – the quality of the sound of your voice
  • the rhythm of your speech
  • rate – how fast or slowly you speak
  • volume – how loudly you speak
  • nonverbal communication – body language, facial expressions, gestures
  • language – the words you use
  • speech sound production – how you say sounds during speaking
  • pragmatics – the social rules of communication; adjusting voice, expressing emotions, speaking in different situations

Why should someone come to the ENT Institute for this service?

Slowly, Gender-Affirming Voice and Communication training is becoming more common, and we feel the Voice Center at the ENT Institute is quite unique! We have an expert in the field who offers a safe space for quality care at affordable pricing. 

Meet Oya Topbas, M.S., CCC-SLP!

“Hi, I’m Oya! I have been a Speech Pathologist for about 12 years and have worked in various settings. Helping any individual with voice-related concerns has always been my favorite area. Specifically, working with the transgender and gender non-conforming population has been my passion–not only to be able to provide accessible and affordable care to this group, but also because I identify as LGBTQ+ as well as on the gender non-conforming spectrum. What better opportunity than to care for my own community and their needs! I am excited to provide gender affirming voice and communication training and help transgender folks find their unique voice while providing an open and safe space.”

While this service is not covered under insurance, we want to help as many people afford the care they need and deserve! We have special price packages to help cover costs, and this month we’re also offering $100 OFF of the evaluation for Gender-Affirming Voice and Communication Training in celebration of Pride Month.

How can someone schedule an appointment?

To schedule an appointment, you can call (770) 740-1860. Ext. 1106 will send you directly to the Voice Center. You can also email Oya Topbas at otopbas@nsainstitute.com. Let’s find your authentic voice together!

*Oya is currently offering gender-affirming voice services at our Brookhaven and Alpharetta locations.