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Have You Heard about Allergy Immunotherapy?

Have you ever taken a bunch of over-the-counter allergy medications just to find yourself back in the same boat? You’re sneezing and coughing; your throat is itching; your nose is either running or you can barely breathe. It’s a nightmare! 

What you’re searching for is a REAL solution, and that’s what allergy immunotherapy is – an all-natural treatment that desensitizes you to allergens. Allergy immunotherapy is very unique in that it’s one of the oldest yet most modern forms of treatment, having over 100 years of proven medical science that has been advanced through the years.

How does immunotherapy work?

Allergy immunotherapy is the only treatment that can alter the disease process itself. It can be customized to your allergies to make sure you are being treated only for the allergens that affect you. 

The ENT Institute starts injections at a safe dosage of whatever you are allergic to and gradually increases it with time. From this process, your body develops a reaction that down-regulates the immune response and decreases your allergy symptoms. Many people are able to essentially cure their allergy symptoms through this treatment; however, there are some cases where people may still need to take medication to help alleviate symptoms depending on their exposure.

What does the timeline look like?

Everyone is encouraged to sign up for allergy immunotherapy for about a year. This timeframe will show you and your doctor if the treatment works well for your body and your lifestyle. After a year, people usually continue their treatment anywhere from 3 to 5 years for long-term reductions to their allergies. 

This treatment has an 85% to 90% success rate, meaning the majority of people will benefit from immunotherapy. When it doesn’t work, it typically has to do with technique. It is well-known that the higher the dose, the better the protection it gives you (The Allergy Clinic). The longer you take immunotherapy, the more time you have to continuously increase the dose of your allergen(s), which leads to better results in the end. 

Is it safe?

Allergy immunotherapy is completely safe. At the ENT Institute, patients are thoroughly educated before undergoing treatment. There is a very low chance of the injections causing a serious reaction, such as hives or anaphylaxis since we start with a low dose and increase slowly over time. Our doctors monitor our patients after their injections and each patient is given an EpiPen in case they have a late reaction. 

Why should YOU get immunotherapy?

Allergy medications only masks symptoms while allergy immunotherapy actually treats symptoms. It’s covered by most insurance companies and typically saves people money in the long run because they aren’t wasting it on allergy medications. Plus, studies have shown allergy immunotherapy can help:

  • gradually reduce hospitalizations of severe allergy patients.
  • greatly reduce the severity and occurrence of asthma attacks.

Schedule your SAME-DAY appointment!

Come see the experts at the ENT Institute for same-day testing and start getting real results for your allergies! Let our family take care of yours. 


“When Allergy Shots Don’t Work.” Houston, TX & Pasadena, TX: The Allergy Clinic.


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