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When should you see an ear, nose, and throat doctor?

If you’re reading this, you may not know what an ear, nose, and throat doctor even is. Most times, when you’re struggling with allergies or a sinus infection, running to urgent care is the best course of action. We’re not blaming you either. What else is there to do? Where else is there to go?…
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Can stress cause hearing loss?

There’s a lot of stress to go around these days, so it’s normal for everyone to be feeling the pressure. But what effect does chronic stress have on the body? We know stress, anxiety, and depression can have detrimental consequences on our physical health if we’re not careful.  But what if enough stress could cause…
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Why is the ENT Institute better than other practices?

Not trying to brag but the Ear, Nose and Throat Institute is pretty cool. But what does the title of this blog mean?  Does it mean that we’re better than urgent cares? For ear, nose and throat related issues, yeah.  Does it mean we’re better than other ENT and allergy practices in Atlanta? Yes.  That’s…
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The ENT Institute Survival Guide

This is it; the magnum opus of the ENT Institute’s specialties and treatment options for all of your ear, nose and throat needs. The purpose of the ENT Institute Survival Guide is to bring awareness, give helpful hints, and give you a window into the world of the Ear, Nose and Throat Institute. With the…
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hearing loss diagnosed

How is Hearing Loss Diagnosed?

Maybe you’re young like me and aren’t worried about hearing loss right now (not something to ignore, even at a young age). Maybe you’re a little older and the notion of hearing loss is creeping up on you. Maybe you’re seeing signs of hearing loss, no matter how old you are. It can happen to…
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muffled hearing

Why is My Hearing Muffled?

It’s been a while since you’ve seen your nephews. They into your house and start talking, but you’re unsettled by their muffled voices. You remember them being much, much louder and more high pitched. Could it be muffled hearing? You used to watch TV and no one complained, but suddenly your spouse, your neighbor, and the…
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Is Tinnitus Serious?

Is tinnitus serious? For some, it really is. The constant ringing or chirping in the ears can be a serious detriment to people’s lives and keep them from enjoying anything. But is it dangerous? No. Generally tinnitus is not a sign of something detrimental to a person’s health. Having said that though, the constant ringing…
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ear infection remedies

6 Remedies for Ear Infections

Whether it’s happening to us or our kids, when an ear infection happens, everything stops. The pain is excruciating and keeps us from functioning properly or keeps our kids from focusing at school. The best thing you can do is seek a medical professional who can prescribe the right medication and even clean out the…
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sleep with tinnitus

How Do You Sleep With Tinnitus?

The ringing or chirping in your ears has been your constant companion for some time now. It’s tiring, annoying, and stressful. The constant ringing (or described as other sounds) is a debilitating condition you or a loved one struggles with on a minute-to-minute basis. So then how do you concentrate at work or school? How…
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How Does the Ear, Nose and Throat Work Together?

Everything’s connected! It’s like a conspiracy theory, but for your body. Or maybe not. Anyway, what you may not know is that the ear, nose and throat are actually related to each other; hence, why there’s a doctor specifically for that (otolaryngologist AKA an ear, nose and throat specialist). But how does the ear, nose…
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hearing loss and dementia

Does Hearing Loss Cause Dementia?

Dementia is one of the worst things to watch someone suffer through, especially when they start forgetting names and faces of loved ones. But the disease doesn’t stop there. It actually shuts down the body as well, eventually leading to death. Think about it: the brain helps our bodies function the way that they do.…
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signs of hearing loss

What is the First Sign of Hearing Loss?

Whether you’re dealing with hearing loss or it’s a loved one, a common question is, “what is the first sign of hearing loss?”. Unfortunately, the answer to that question is more complex than that; however, it’s not impossible to know if you or a loved one has hearing loss. According to an article by Starkey,…
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