hearing loss and less income

Hearing Loss Might Impact Your Income

If anything is going to motivate someone  to get hearing aids, it should be the combination of health issues. In some cases, that’s not a concern. But what about hearing loss and its influence on your income? What if we were to tell you that hearing loss might impact your income and even unemployment?  According…
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The Benefits of New Hearing Aids

Technology changes so quickly, it’s hard to keep up. Like many things in the world: TV, cars, phones, etc., hearing aids evolve over time. Remember the old hearing devices? Large and skin-toned, making people feel older, even if they were relatively young. But with companies like Phonak and Starkey, hearing aids are more innovative than…
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Health Tips for Your Ear, Nose and Throat

This is the year! Maybe not to fulfill those gym resolutions you have every year, but definitely the year to have a healthier ear, nose and throat. For many people, problems such as hearing loss, chronic sinusitis, year-round allergies, and sleep disorders are just things they choose to live with. But, we’ve created a list of…
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What is the ENT Institute?

Whenever I tell people about the Ear, Nose and Throat Institute, their eyes glaze over and they ask what exactly that means. There’s good reason for that. With a lack of information about ear, nose and throat specialists, many people think the urgent care or hospital is the best place to get those needs fixed.…
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new hearing aids

New Ear, New You

New ear, new you. For the last decade or so, you or a loved one has refused hearing aids time and time again. Despite needing them.  But it’s a new year. We all make new year resolutions, usually that don’t survive past January 15th. But what if we set expectations that weren’t hard to achieve?…
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new years

Avoiding Ear, Nose and Throat Issues at New Year’s

Not only is the new year coming up, but it’s a whole new decade. It makes us think about the possibilities for our lives over the course of the next 10 years. But to prepare for that, many of us will be celebrating at the New Year’s Eve parties. And depending on how good or…
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loud sounds

Fireworks Cause Hearing Loss

Can you believe it? A new decade already. 2020 will bring new experiences for all of us, some good and some bad. But whether or not we anticipate prosperity for the new decade, we celebrate regardless. We celebrate by spending time with our friends and family. The big event in many celebrations is fireworks. Although…
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holiday stress

How the Holidays Affect Your Ear, Nose and Throat

It’s here. The holidays arrived without warning. And now you have to buy gifts and prep for in-laws. There’s no changing the chaos of the holidays, but you can absolutely change your mind and body’s reaction to it. How the holidays affect your ear, nose and throat is important to understand so you can remain…
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2020 Gift Guide

ENT Institute 2020 Gift Guide

It is time! 2020 arrived quicker than you probably wanted it to, making you scramble for those new year resolutions. Believe it or not, the Ear, Nose and Throat Institute has you covered with our own ENT Institute 2020 Gift Guide! We hope this helps you create healthy habits for the new year and new…
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medical insurance

4 Things to Know About Your Insurance

Co-Author: Roni Elder  Talk about a headache. Feel like I need to go to the doctor after thinking about this topic.   One of the most complicated things that we deal with is medical insurance, yet it’s something we should be versed in. Our health and our finances are some of the most important aspects of…
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The Differences Between the ENT Institute and Urgent Care

We’ve all had to deal with urgent care: the long wait times, too much paperwork, and fairly less-than-enthused staff that sees a variety of ailments each day. But, did you know that 70% of urgent care visits are ear, nose and throat related? Are you one of the 70%? The differences between the ENT Institute…
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The Benefits of the ENT Institute

How many people go to urgent cares and minute-clinics over ear, nose and throat issues? According to healthgrades.com, one of the most common illnesses seen at urgent cares is sinusitis. And what about the urgent care says, “you’ll be cured!” to people? It is true that urgent cares will do a surface-level fix on things…
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