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Do allergies cause itchy skin?

In some cases allergies can be serious. In other cases though, allergies can be extremely annoying. Itchy skin is one of those symptoms that get in the way of our focus at work or our relaxation time.

Ever try to ignore those itches without scratching? Yeah, it’s near impossible.

So do allergies cause itchy skin? Yes they do.

But not all who suffer from allergies deal with the itchiness. And obviously the itchies aren’t the only main symptom of allergies, but if you step outside during pollen season and start to scratch yourself all over, it’s probable that you have allergies.

But what causes itchy skin?

According to Windsor Dermatology, “Starting in late winter/early spring, trees and plants begin to bud creating invisible airborne allergens like mold and pollen. For some individuals, these allergens create an increased amount of histamine in their blood flow which causes inflammation, making the skin sensitive. If the skin is highly reactive, it can trigger allergy-related itchiness and even eczema” (Windsor Dermatology, 2020).

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To learn more about allergy testing and immunotherapy watch the videos below:


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