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Johns Creek ENT

This location has closed. Please contact our office to find to be directed to the closest location to your area.

With any problem associated with the ear, nose or throat, you wonder if you can find a doctor who will see you immediately, treat your condition effectively, and come away with the best results under the least discomfort. For residents of Johns Creek ENT doctors of choice overwhelmingly have been the ENT Institute.

Adults and children have found the board certified physicians, allergy specialists and audiologists at the Johns Creek ENT Institute the best in the business. Our patients say they appreciate the prompt appointment scheduling with all information about insurance coverage and pricing provided up front as well as the attention to detail in customer service and personalized plan of care.

The ENT Institute is recognized for its testing, treatment and surgical procedures of disorders with ear, nose, and throat. From hearing loss and tinnitus, sinus and allergies, tonsils and adenoids to reflux, sleep disorders and other conditions that require surgical intervention, the ENT Institute’s highly trained professionals have the expertise and resources to successfully diagnose and treat any ear, nose and throat concern.

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