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Dr. Meryl Miller: Why do I recommend the Lyric hearing aid?

By Dr. Meryl Miller

For years I worked with a patient that was never happy with his hearing aid.  He had one completely deaf ear and one ear with hearing loss so he needed one hearing aid.  He had tried every different type and style of hearing aid and always used the best technology, and he was never happy with his hearing.  My colleagues and I tried everything.  He always reported poor sound quality and distortion.  One day I suggested he try the Lyric hearing aid.  He was willing to try anything.  He instantly loved his hearing with Lyric.  He reported clear hearing like he hadn’t experienced in years.  Years later, he continues to use the Lyric hearing aid.  His hearing will never be perfect, only having use of one of his ears, but he would never consider any other solution for his hearing. 

The story above is a success story.  I will be the first to tell you that Lyric is not for everyone.  You must be a candidate.  Lyric candidacy is determined by your hearing healthcare provider based on a number of different factors.  

If Lyric is for you, there is nothing else like it!  Lyric is great because it is 100% invisible, and there are also so many more reasons to try Lyric.  Lyric remains in the ear 24/7.  You shower and sleep in Lyric.  You do not need to change the battery in the Lyric hearing aid, and most wearers do not feel the devices in their ears. 

Lyric is great for adults of all ages.  Active adults love the uninterrupted hearing as they move from a meeting to a phone call to social settings.  If you have poor dexterity or a tremor, Lyric is great because there is no need to handle small hearing aids and batteries.

The Lyric hearing aid is especially great for adults with dementia.  Your loved one forgets the hearing aid is in their ear so there’s no cost of hearing aid replacements when the aids are lost. I hope you will call today for an appointment to come into The Hearing Center at ENTI to see if you are a candidate.  

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