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Why is My Hearing Muffled?

It’s been a while since you’ve seen your nephews. They into your house and start talking, but you’re unsettled by their muffled voices. You remember them being much, much louder and more high pitched. Could it be muffled hearing?

You used to watch TV and no one complained, but suddenly your spouse, your neighbor, and the those within city limits can’t sleep because that old western from the 1970’s now sounds like a reenactment within your living room. 

It’s gotta be them, right? You’ve been watching TV the same way for decades. No reason to change now. But what you might not be noticing is that your hearing is muffled. But then you ask, “Why is my hearing muffled?”. There can be many reasons for this, not necessarily all bad either, but it’s important to know where your hearing health and wellness are at. 

Here are a few reasons why your hearing is muffled: 

Muffled hearing reason #1: Hearing Loss

Probably the most obvious reason for muffled hearing is hearing loss. But there are two types in this case to be considered: age-related and noise-induced (Bernstein, 2018). For age, it’s common for people over a certain age to start noticing hearing loss symptoms. Much of this is natural, but in some cases it can be tied to medications or years of working in a noisy job. In regard to noise-induced hearing loss, it can be traced to a job or even short-term things like concerts or going to the gun range. 

signs of hearing loss

Treatment: hearing loss needs to be diagnosed by an audiologist first before moving forward with treatment. Many times, hearing aids will do the trick and prevent further issues down the road. 

Muffled hearing reason #2: Earwax 

Finally, it may just be a case of earwax buildup that needs some cleaning. We’ve all been there. Nothing to be ashamed of. 

Treatment: Going to your doctor or an ENT specialist will ensure your ears are clean and good-to-go. Please do not use ear candling or attempt to clean out your ears on your own unless directed by a medical professional. 

Muffled hearing reason #3: Sickness

muffled hearing

Many times, the common cold and sinus issues can lead to muffled hearing. The ear, the nose, and the throat are all connected in a grand way, so it’s not rare to see one issue leading to another issue in one painful package. 

Treatment: Generally dealing with the cold or sinus issue will relieve other issues as well, including the muffled hearing. 

If you’re not sure why your hearing might be muffled, come to the Ear, Nose and Throat Institute for same-day or Saturday appointments. Just call 770-740-1860 or fill out the form at the top.


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