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New Ear, New You

New ear, new you. For the last decade or so, you or a loved one has refused hearing aids time and time again. Despite needing them. 

But it’s a new year. We all make new year resolutions, usually that don’t survive past January 15th. But what if we set expectations that weren’t hard to achieve? Ones that not only helped us socially, but with health too. I’m not talking about the cliche of getting a gym membership on January 1st. I’m talking about getting a hearing screening. Or getting new hearing aids equipped with innovative technology.


new year new you

We all make excuses. Some reading this might say, “well, hearing aids are ugly.” They don’t have to be. Have you seen what companies are doing with them today? Companies like Phonak and Starkey? Another one is, “I don’t wanna feel old.” Hearing aids aren’t just for the elderly any more. Even millennials are getting them. With today’s technology and societal shifts, hearing devices have become more of a healthable; a device that monitors overall health, not just hearing (e.g. cardio, brain health, etc). 

The final word on this is that hearing loss gets worse over time. It’s also not something that happens suddenly. The gradual progress toward major hearing loss is slow, but sure. Did you know it can lead to things like depression and heart disease? When you can’t hear, you’re less likely to join in social activities, leading to depression. If that’s not enough to convince you or your loved one, just think that someone wants to communicate with you. Someone that cares for you. Someone that wants you to be able to hear what they’re saying so you can feel included. So let this be a New Ear, New You kind of year. 

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