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sore throat remedies

4 Fast Sore Throat Remedies

This may be subjective, but a sore throat might be the worst symptom of any illness. And it’s so common – allergies? Sore throat. Sinus infection? Sore throat. Cold air? Sore throat. Scream at the TV when your football team isn’t winning? Sore throat. Luckily, there are fast sore throat remedies you can do now to relieve the pain. 

Just remember, these remedies are not meant to curb the source of the issue, only the symptom temporarily. The problem at hand, whether it’s allergies or sinus infections, is diagnosed and treated at any of our facilities throughout Atlanta. More details at the bottom of this blog. 

Fast sore throat remedies

  1. Humidifiers – keeping up the moisture in your home can help prevent dry air, which can cause a sore throat. 
  2. Steam – Taking a hot shower or standing over a pot of boiling water will have a similar effect as the humidifier by moistening the air. Showers are also great for breaking up congestion. 
  3. Warm drinks – Specifically chamomile tea, which is generally used for inflammation and other medical purposes. Anything with dairy should be avoided, especially if the cause is viral, allergies, or a sinus infection. 
  4. Drink water – We should drink water anyway, but drinking more water with a sore throat will keep the pain down. If the sore throat is due to post-nasal drip, drinking more water thins out the mucus, whereas milk-based products thicken it. 

Sore throat causes

As said before, there’s plenty of sore throat causes, whether it’s self-induced or viral, but here’s a list of what might cause your ailment. 

  1. Cold
  2. Flu 
  3. COVID-19
  4. Allergies
  5. Sinus infections
  6. Dry air
  7. GERD
  8. Tobacco smoke
  9. Alcohol
  10. Spicy foods

Some of those things we actually treat at the Ear, Nose & Throat Institute, where we treat the source, not just the symptom. A sore throat may be minor to you, but if the source isn’t properly diagnosed and solved, it could keep coming back.

For example, one sinus infection might not be detrimental, but getting them multiple times a year is a different story. 

Sore throat treatment

Like we said before, the ENT Institute treats the source of the issue, not just the symptoms, whereas an urgent care will prescribe medication that helps in the short-term but doesn’t address the long term.

Sinus infections are treated here through proper diagnosis, then if chronic sinusitis is the verdict, we have several methods of treatment. One, depending on the cause of chronic sinusitis (e.g. a deviated septum), we can proceed with sinus surgery. If the nasal passages are too small to allow for a proper flow of mucus, a balloon sinuplasty procedure could be in order. That last one is scarier than it sounds, but it’s an outpatient procedure that’s noninvasive and will have you back to your daily routine in a day or so. 

We diagnose allergies through an allergy test done in the clinic which only takes a few minutes. From there, you can receive allergy treatment either in the clinic or take them home. Either way, you’ll see a difference. Check out the videos below to learn more: 

So, if you have a sore throat and want to know the source and get that source taken care of, all you have to do is call us at 770-740-1860 or click the button below to request an appointment.


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