Nothing speaks louder than a personal experience. On this page, we let our patients speak on behalf of the Ear, Nose and Throat Institute.

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Sinus Surgery Testimonial


Prior Chronic Sinus Infections 


Feeling a Difference 

“I was hooked on nose drops for 30 years. Today, I breathe so much better. Dr. Gallups opened my sinuses and straightened my septum. The recovery process was painless. A few weeks after my surgery, I was sitting on the beach and it just felt like my nose opened up and suddenly I could breathe. I’m now completely off nose drops. I never in my life thought I would be able to breathe this well. “
Nancy L.
Suwanee, GA

“I just wanted to say that my experience yesterday was great. Everyone seemed very helpful and Dr Carothers took time to go over his thoughts and treatment plan. I am hopeful that I have found someone that can help me with my debilitating headaches and sinus problems.


“The doctors and the staff were fantastic: very supportive and professional. The process was unreal. I didn’t think it would be this simple easy or painless. The way I felt before and the way I feel now are completely different. It’s been a wonderful experience.”
James J.
Roswell, GA

“I had sinus surgery less than two months ago and am very pleased with the results. The doctor was always happy and cheery, and he did what he needed to do to get me better. The staff was always very kind and treated me quickly and well. I would recommend the ENT Institute to my friends and family.”
Linda B.
Alpharetta, GA

“In October 2008, I started to have pain from a growth that had formed on my neck and was told by my general practitioner that I would need surgery to have it removed. I had never had surgery before and the thought of a big scar on my neck was not something I wanted, I started to ask around for the name of the best ENT surgeon in Fulton County. The Ear Nose and Throat institute was the name that kept coming up and so I scheduled an appointment with them to review my situation and decided to have them do the surgery.
The surgery was a breeze, but the doctor discovered that the lump in my neck was Cancer. The ENT Institute was very instrumental with helping me find the right oncologist and their team was always available when I required additional Cancer related surgeries. I can’t say enough positive things about my experiences with the Ear Nose and Throat Institute. I am cancer free for 3 years now and to this day, when I show people the site of the 4 inch incision on my neck they can’t see it.”
Shon B.
Alpharetta, GA

“I doubt anyone can say they “loved” having major sinus surgery, but if you need it, Dr. Beaty and his team are the people to trust. Dr. Beaty kept my desired outcome and comfort top of mind. I had suffered from chronic allergies and sinus infections for years and was so addicted to sinus spray that I panicked if I didn’t have a bottle on me at all times. I even carried one in my pocket when I was skiing, biking, skating, etc.! I woke up every morning with a major headache and was so stopped up that I had to take a hot shower just to be able to get the slightest amount of air through my nose. Despite my suffering, and seeing many different physicians, Dr. Beaty was the first to suggest that there were physical deformities contributing to my problem.
Since my surgery I haven’t used sinus spray at all and have only taken an occasional antihistamine. It is not an exaggeration to say that I literally feel like a different person! I certainly “loved” my results! What a pleasure to be able to breathe and not be a slave to sprays, tissues and pills. Dr. Beaty has a very high level of expertise and his demeanor is kind and caring. I also appreciate that he obviously enjoys his work. His team members are great and each works in tandem to make the practice run smoothly and efficiently. I highly recommend Dr. Beaty and his practice!”
Laura C.
Alpharetta, GA