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The Benefits of the ENT Institute

How many people go to urgent cares and minute-clinics over ear, nose and throat issues? According to healthgrades.com, one of the most common illnesses seen at urgent cares is sinusitis. And what about the urgent care says, “you’ll be cured!” to people? It is true that urgent cares will do a surface-level fix on things like sinus infections by prescribing antibiotics, but does that solve the issue at hand? Not for someone with chronic sinusitis it doesn’t. Based on this claim, what are the benefits of the ENT Institute then?

If you’re someone who has dealt with sinus issues, allergies, hearing loss and ear infections, or even sleep problems, continue reading this blog to learn about the benefits of the Ear, Nose and Throat Institute that you won’t find at an urgent care or minute-clinic.

the holidays affect your nose and sinuses

The Benefits of the ENT Institute

Benefit 1 – Specialized Care:

One thing that you won’t find at urgent cares is specializations in things like hearing loss or allergies. You’ll receive a diagnosis and quick treatment that may not take care of the problem long-term. At our facility, you’ll encounter audiologists who know hearing loss or a physician that can run an allergy test and let you know which specific allergens are causing you trouble. Have sleep issues? Ambien may not be the answer, but a sleep study will be.

Benefit 2 – Personalized Care:

Urgent cares are busy places. The staff have to see a large sum of people per day that have ailments ranging from the common cold to severe stomach pains to even worse things. It’s understandable that they can’t treat every patient like family, so if you have an ear, nose or throat issues, why let yourself receive fast, less personal treatment? With a slogan like, “Let Our Family, Take Care of Yours”, ENTI believes in treating every patient like a person and not a number. For example, our audiologists go through a rigorous process to determine exactly where the hearing loss is happening, whether high or low frequency.

Benefit 3 – Transparent Pricing:

transparent pricing

One of the most frustrating things is receiving the bill from an urgent care visit. It’s hard to decipher what you’re being charged for or you’re surprised by some of the things you’re charged for. That won’t happen at the ENT Institute, where our pricing models help you understand what our procedures entail. In many cases though, pricing has to do with what your insurance company is paying and what you’re paying.

Benefit 4 – Updates, Events, and Free Content

By joining our newsletters or email updates, you’ll receive free content like blogs and videos, as well as updates on what’s new and what events are coming up. On a regular basis, the ENT Institute hosts workshops to educate the public on things like dizziness and tinnitus management. It’s also a chance to meet our providers.

These are just a few of the benefits of the ENT Institute. Call us at 770-740-1860 for a same-day or Saturday appointment to learn more about what we offer. 

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