treating your dizziness and vertigo

How We Diagnose and Treat Your Dizziness and Vertigo

Written by Allison Robbins, Director of Physical Therapy

At ENT Institute Physical Therapy, we pride ourselves in providing the highest quality of care with innovative technology.  Our state-of-the-art facilities offer unparalleled technology to diagnose and treat many conditions that cause dizziness, unsteady gait, and balance deficits. We get our patients back to living their lives faster and safer, eliminating dizziness and risk of falling.

Expert therapists and technology set us apart in the world of physical therapy.  We have amazing diagnostic and treatment equipment including video frenzel nystagmography, computerized dynamic posturography, and safety overhead rail systems.

The cause of dizziness

Our physical therapists use video frenzel nystagmography to determine the cause of dizziness and imbalance.  Use of frenzel goggles allows us to determine the underlying cause by assessing the function of the inner ear and central motor function. What is causing the dizziness or balance problem? Is it the ear? Or is it the brain?  State-of-the-art testing helps our physicians appropriately diagnose and our therapists appropriately treat patients to eliminate dizziness and reduce fall risk.

Underlying cause of balance issues

The ENT Institute uses cutting edge technology to get patients better faster. The computerized dynamic posturography is an objective method of testing balance. It helps determine IF and WHY a person is at risk for falls. This highly sophisticated technology differentiates the sensory systems that control balance including visual (input from eyes), vestibular (input from inner ear) and somatosensory (input from muscles, bones, and joints). It is a valuable tool that analyzes sensory, motor and central adaptation to determine underlying impairments.  By assessing which balance systems are not working properly, our therapists focus and individualize treatment for amazing outcomes.

Once impairments and diagnosis have been determined, our therapists use safety overhead rail systems during the course of treatment for the ultimate therapeutic experience.  Coupled with sophisticated harness technology, our ceiling mounted rails systems allow patients to confidently challenge balance and advance treatment faster and safer. There is no risk for falls!  Results are remarkable and fast!


If you have dizziness/lightheadedness and/or notice your balance is not like it used to be, if you feel unsteady with walking in the dark or on uneven surfaces, or if you are afraid of falling, please see us at the ENT Institute. Let our family take care of yours!


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