What An Upgrade Can Do For Your Hearing!

If you have hearing loss but still have not done anything about it, or still using hearing aids that are several years old, do you know why? If it’s because you don’t think hearing loss is that big a deal, then maybe you just haven’t seen the research linking hearing loss to increased risk of falls, social isolation, dementia, higher medical costs and more. And if it’s because you think that hearing aids have not changed since your first pair, then we hope you’ll read below and see just how far today’s hearing aids have come.

Today’s Hearing aids can: 

  1. Detect when you fall
  2. Stream your favorite tv shows directly to your hearing aids
  3. Translate languages as they are spoken
  4. Monitor your brain health
  5. Transcribe conversations to text
  6. Help you find them if you lose them 
  7. Provide relief from Tinnitus
  8. Track your physical activity 
  9. Talk on the phone hands-free
  10. Make listening in noisy places comfortable 
  11. Make sound crisp, natural and clear

Want to try one of these new hearing aids for yourself and experience the difference they can make in your life? Call the Ear, Nose and Throat Insitute to schedule an appointment! We can help you take your first steps towards better hearing! Our goal is to help you in this process and we look forward to seeing you!

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