Why is Hearing Aid Maintenance Important?

Did you know hearing aid maintenance can affect the lifespan of your hearing aids? It’s important to clean your hearing aids routinely, so you can rest assured that they will last many years and work at maximum quality. The goal for hearing aid maintenance is to keep your hearing aids in well enough shape over the years to hear every day as well as you did on the first day you got them! 

What are the best cleaning practices?

The first tip is the simplest and already stated – keep your hearing device clean to keep the longevity of your hearing aid. How do you do that? It’s important to understand what type of hearing aid(s) you have. Do you have a charging port or are they battery-operated? This question is important to ask because chargers and battery ports should be included in the cleaning process. 

If you have a charging port for your hearing aids, you should clean the port and your hearing aids off with alcohol wipes. You don’t want anything to block the charging process. For example, your hearing aids can collect buildup from everyday things, like hairspray, hair gel, sweat, and more. The buildup on your hearing aids can affect how well your hearing aids charge, causing you to not be able to wear them when you need them. 

If you own battery-operated hearing aids, you should also wipe them down with alcohol wipes. You should then clean the battery door and always leave it open at night, so air can get in. It’s possible for the battery to cause corrosion or for the inside to accumulate things from the environment. 

Some other general tips for cleaning your hearing aids include: 

  • Brushing off the microphone cover every night before you lay them down or place them on the charger 
  • Cleaning the domes with alcohol wipes or tissues to keep wax from building up 
  • Changing the wax guards regularly (approx. every 3-6 months – it’s recommended to change them more often during the summer months) 

Hearing aids can last you up to 5-7 years if you take proper care of them. Poor maintenance as well as certain everyday life factors can shorten that time, which is why the Hearing Center at the ENT Institute encourages routine cleaning. Keep in mind that you should also take care of your ears! It’s important to come in for regular ear cleanings throughout the year, especially during the summer months. Your ears often develop more wax due to heat and humidity, which can lead to ear wax buildup in your devices. 

Why upgrade your hearing aids?

Like most things, hearing aids don’t last forever and the Hearing Center at the ENT Institute does suggest upgrading periodically. We recommend an upgrade every 3-4 years to ensure you are getting the best technology out there. Hearing aid technology is quite amazing and is updated every few years with new features and more convenience to produce the best hearing for those who seek hearing aids. Along with hearing aid manufacturers, we want to give patients a better experience in noisier environments and ultimately create ease in your hearing and your life.

Keep in mind that having an older device as your backup set is really important, especially one that functions and performs well just in case! So, the upkeep you perform on current hearing aids will help you now and in the future. 

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