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Why Vaping is still Bad for you

A recent study shows that students are trending away from cigarettes. Instead students are trending toward electronic cigarettes or “vapes”. These devices emit water vapor as opposed to smoke so they are a healthier alternative to Cigarettes. However, that does not mean that they are not unhealthy as many teens live. Here are some of the risks you take when you “vape”:

  • Impaired wound healing – When you get a cut or bruise your body has a system in place to heal those wounds. The body uses fibroclast cells to heal them. Fibroclasts hold organs in place and when the body is injured they morph into wound-healers. The chemicals in vape juice have shown signs of damaging the mitochondria of fibroclast cells preventing them from having enough energy to heal wounds completely.
  • Vaper’s cost – While water vapor is far less harmful for your lungs than smoke from cigarettes, vape juices still carry many lung irritants. Chronic vapers experience similar coughing symptoms of regular cigarette users, including Bronchitis.
  • Toxic metals in e-liquids – Traces of nickel, magnese, and chromium are found in many forms of e-liquid or “vapes. These such metals have been known to cause cancer.
  • Dripping – To turn e-liquids into vapor, the vaping device must heat the e-liquid to its point of vapor for the person to inhale. From heating up the e-liquid, some chemicals that are harmless in liquid state turn harmful in its gas state.






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