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Why get tested at the ENT Institute?

We make it easy by testing for 58 allergens common to Georgia and the southeast region to determine what is causing your allergy symptoms and understand how to move forward with treatment. Plus, our experts are with you every step of the way!

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Allergy Screening Questionnaire

Allergy Symptoms

Allergy symptoms can vary, but some of the most common we see include:

Allergy Treatment Methods

If you test positive for allergies, we recommend two options. First, we encourage you to avoid what you can (i.e. foods). Second, we offer allergy immunotherapy (AI)! AI is the only treatment that can alter the disease process itself. Our allergy specialists start injections at a safe dosage and gradually increase with time to help your body develop a better reaction and immune response to your allergens.

Allergy Drops

After your allergy test we create allergy drops specific to your triggered allergens. You take these drops home and administer them according to the schedule prescribed. Typically you will take them daily under the tongue. This will help your body get used to the allergen and decrease allergy symptoms over time.

Allergy Shots

Allergy injection treatment. Your shot treatment will vary depending on what you’re allergic too. You have a choice on the frequency of your allergy shots. Patients receiving shots 3 times per week can see relief as early as 6 months. Patients receiving shots 1 time a week can expect relief in about 12 months.

We have REAL solutions for your allergies!

At the ENT Institute, we understand that medications only mask allergy symptoms. That’s why when you stop taking over-the-counter allergy meds, your allergy symptoms come back in full-force all over again.

Our goal is to find exactly what you’re allergic to, so we can treat you for only what you need. We provide in-office testing from a specialist along with allergy treatment that has been around for over 100 years and is proven to lessen and get rid of your allergies over time!

Allergens by season:

Allergy Types


Enviromental Allergies


Allergy tests are administered by our specialists. We inject a small about of the allergen into the top layer of your skin to see if there is a reaction. If we see irritation (usually red bumps appear), you are allergic.