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A young child with an ear, nose or throat disorder is a heart-wrenching experience for any parent and one that requires prompt and considerate attention. Similarly, as a parent with an ear, nose or throat condition, you want to be able to find relief quickly in order to tend to the needs of your family. In Stockbridge ENT doctors with the best reputation for treating children and adults are found at the ENT Institute.

Customer service is number one…you or your child will be seen quickly, your concerns expertly diagnosed, and a treatment plan carefully laid out so that you will understand exactly what will be done and what the expenses will be.

No matter the need – ear treatments or hearing aids, sinus surgery or procedures, swallowing or speech therapy – and all other related treatments or interventions, the board certified physicians and allergy and speech specialists will address each concern with compassion and respect and with the utmost care and expertise. The ENT Institute is the premier care center for adults and children with ear, nose or throat problems.

Lisa Perry-Gilkes, M.D., Chief Medical Officer

Lisa Perry-Gilkes, M.D., Chief Medical Officer

Had turbinate-reduction and septum nose surgery. Procedure was done without issues. The doctors and staff are knowledgeable, professional, and kind. Recovery was quick, went well, with no concerns, minimal pain, and no issues due to the competence and care of the staff here. Would recommend to anyone that needs help with ENT issues!
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